Emirates Petroleum Jobs 2023 in UAE with Salary up to 10,000 Dirhams

Explore the lucrative job opportunities in the petroleum industry with Emirates Petroleum in the UAE. Discover roles, benefits, and salary details up to 10,000 Dirhams, and embark on a rewarding career path.


The petroleum industry stands as a cornerstone of the global economy, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has long been a hub for this sector’s growth. Emirates Petroleum, a leading player in the industry, is now offering a spectrum of job opportunities in 2023. This article delves into the prospects presented by Emirates Petroleum jobs in the UAE, shedding light on available roles, salary details, and the advantages of pursuing a career in this dynamic field.


  • Offered by: Emirates Petroleum
  • Education: As per Post
  • Salary: up to 10,000 Dirhams
  • Eligible nationality: All Nationalities
  • Award Country: United Arab Emirates
  • Last Date: Different

Exploring Emirates Petroleum Jobs in the UAE

Emirates Petroleum’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its operations; it encompasses the professionals who drive the industry forward.

The Significance of Emirates Petroleum Jobs

Emirates Petroleum jobs provide a gateway to a sector that underpins modern life, from fuel to petrochemicals. Working in the petroleum industry offers a chance to contribute to global energy needs and technological advancements.

Available Roles

Emirates Petroleum offers a range of roles across various disciplines:

  • Petroleum Engineering: Engineers play a vital role in optimizing oil extraction processes and maximizing efficiency.
  • Geoscience: Geoscientists analyze data to locate and assess potential oil and gas reserves.
  • Operations and Maintenance: These roles involve overseeing production, ensuring safety, and maintaining equipment.
  • Logistics and Supply Chain: Professionals manage the movement of resources within the industry.

Benefits of Joining Emirates Petroleum

  • Competitive Salaries: Emirates Petroleum offers competitive salaries, with potential earnings of up to 10,000 Dirhams.
  • Professional Growth: The petroleum industry is ever-evolving, providing opportunities for skill development and career advancement.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Work with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies that drive innovation.
  • Global Impact: Contribute to the global energy landscape and support economic growth.

Navigating the Application Process

Applying for Emirates Petroleum jobs involves strategic steps to position yourself for success:

  1. Role Research: Explore the roles available and understand their requirements and responsibilities.
  2. Resume Tailoring: Craft a resume that highlights your relevant skills, experiences, and achievements.
  3. Application Submission: Apply through Emirates Petroleum’s official website or recruitment platforms.
  4. Interview Preparation: Research the company, review the job description, and prepare for potential interview questions.
  5. Networking: Leverage professional networks and connections in the industry to enhance your application.

Frequently Asked Questions about Emirates Petroleum Jobs

Q: Are these jobs open to international candidates? A: Yes, many Emirates Petroleum jobs welcome international candidates with the required qualifications and expertise.

Q: What is the average salary range for these roles? A: Salaries can vary based on the role, experience, and qualifications, with potential earnings up to 10,000 Dirhams.

Q: Are there opportunities for career growth within the company? A: Yes, Emirates Petroleum values internal growth and provides opportunities for career advancement.

Q: Is experience in the petroleum industry a requirement for these jobs? A: While experience is beneficial, Emirates Petroleum also considers candidates with relevant educational backgrounds and transferrable skills.


Emirates Petroleum’s job offerings in the UAE extend an invitation to be a part of a dynamic and essential industry. With competitive salaries, opportunities for growth, and the chance to make a global impact, these roles appeal to both seasoned professionals and newcomers alike. If you’re seeking a rewarding career that combines innovation, economic significance, and personal growth, Emirates Petroleum’s jobs could be the next step on your professional journey.

List of Available Jobs:

Job Title Apply Link
Drilling Supervisor Apply
Drilling Engineers Apply
Production Supervisor Apply
Construction Supervisor Apply
Mechanical Engineer Apply
Electrical Engineer Apply
Civil Engineer Apply
Senior Drilling Eng. Apply
HSE Advisor Apply
Drilling Superintendent Apply
Radio Operator Apply
Logistics Marine Representative and Customs Clearance Apply
Rig Superintendent Apply
Senior tool Pusher Apply
Night tool Pusher Apply
Rig Mechanic Apply
Rig Electrician Apply
Material man Apply
Driller Apply
Assistant driller Apply
Derrick man Apply
Floor man Apply
Roust About Apply
Welders Apply
Riggers Apply
Crane Operator Apply
Asst Mechanic Apply
Asst. Electrician Apply
Stability Engineer Apply
Chief Electrician Apply
Barge Engineer Apply
Subsea Engineer Apply
OIM Apply
Captain Apply
Rig Manager Apply
Chief marine technical advisor Apply
Chief marine stability advisor Apply
QA/QC Painting Inspector Apply
Sandblasters/Spray Painters Apply
Sandblasters Apply
Brush Painters Apply
Another Position Apply

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