Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada 2024 (Hire a Temporary Foreign Worker)

The Canadian government has implemented a program aimed at hiring temporary foreign agricultural workers. Fruit-picking jobs in Canada for 2023 are among the highly sought-after positions in the agricultural sector, with numerous farms and employers in Canada offering these opportunities. Canadian employers can recruit foreign workers through two agricultural programs: the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program and the Agricultural Stream. There is a significant demand for fruit pickers in Canada.

In 2021, Canada produced a total of 11 million tonnes of fruit, with the primary crops being apples, grapes, blueberries, cherries, and raspberries. This presents an excellent opportunity for foreign workers to come to Canada. Typically, fruit pickers in Canada earn an hourly wage ranging from $15 to $20. Moreover, their accommodation, health insurance, and airfare transportation are provided at no cost. Fruit-picking jobs in Canada generally last from 8 months to 2 years.

Comprehensive Guide to Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada 2023 (Including Sponsorship):

Host Country: Canada
Job Country: Canada
Job Type: Seasonal
Program Name: Canada Agriculture Worker Program

What is a Fruit Picker?

A fruit picker is an individual who gathers fruits from farms. Fruit picking is a seasonal activity that takes place during the harvest period when fruits are ripe.

Benefits of Hiring a Foreign Worker through the Agriculture Program

  • Employers are responsible for arranging and covering the expenses of round-trip transportation for temporary foreign workers (TFWs).
  • This includes travel between their place of work in Canada and their country of residence.
  • Housing: Employers must provide suitable, affordable, and adequate housing for TFWs.
  • Health Insurance: Employers are also required to provide health insurance coverage.
  • Please refer to the Program Requirements for a complete list of benefits.

Types of Agriculture Programs:

There are two main streams:

1. Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP)
The SAWP allows Canadian employers and farm owners to hire temporary foreign workers (TFWs) when Canadian citizens and permanent residents are not available.

Duration of Stay: Under this program, foreign workers can stay for a maximum of 8 months.

Who can apply under the SAWP program?

Candidates must be from participating countries.
Participating Countries:
– Mexico
– Anguilla
– Antigua and Barbuda
– Barbados
– Dominica
– Grenada
– Jamaica
– Montserrat
– St. Kitts-Nevis
– St. Lucia
– St. Vincent and the Grenadines
– Trinidad and Tobago
Both men and women can apply.
Applicants must have farming experience and be at least 18 years old.
Read more about SAWP Program

2. Agricultural Stream:

The Agricultural Stream enables Canadian employers and farming owners to hire temporary foreign workers from any country.

Duration of Stay: Employment duration of up to 2 years.

Wages for Fruit Pickers in Canada:

Hourly wages ($) in different provinces and cities of Canada:

– Alberta: $16.52
– British Columbia: $16.05
– Manitoba: $14.15
– New Brunswick: $14.75
– Newfoundland and Labrador: $14.50
– Nova Scotia: $14.50
– Ontario: $15.83
– Prince Edward Island: $14.50
– Saskatchewan: $13.00
– Yukon: $16.77

How to Apply for Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada 2023:

Temporary foreign applicants must apply online through the Job Bank Canada website.

Select “

  • LMIA Approved” on the left sidebar.
  • Type “Fruit Picker” or “Farm Worker” in the search results.
  • The website will display a list of available jobs.

Fruit Picker Jobs on Canada Job Bank Website:

Location Available jobs Links
Alberta 10 View job postings >
British Columbia 87 View job postings >
Canada 226 View job postings >
Manitoba 2 View job postings >
New Brunswick 5 View job postings >
Newfoundland and Labrador 4 View job postings >
Nova Scotia 5 View job postings >
Ontario 97 View job postings >
Prince Edward Island 4 View job postings >
Québec 3 View job postings >
Saskatchewan 9 View job postings >

To learn more about the detailed information and application process for Canada’s Agriculture Worker Program for temporary foreign workers, please visit the official website.


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