MPower Global Citizen Scholarships

An exceptional prospect awaits scholars aspiring to undertake studies in the United States or Canada, yet who find themselves devoid of the financial means necessary for pursuing education in the most economically advanced nations. M Power, with its altruistic vision, has meticulously devised a scholarship program that aims to be all-encompassing, tailored to harness the boundless potential residing within international students as well as those covered by DACA.

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The benevolent stance of MPower is underscored by the bestowal of scholarships upon these promising candidates, hailing from a variety of global origins. DACA, an acronym denoting Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, stands as a protective mantle, shielding eligible immigrants who arrived on American soil during their formative years from the specter of deportation, allowing them to pursue education on their own terms. Mpower, as a beacon of educational empowerment, extends its hand to nurture the talents of youthful scholars already ensconced within the auspices of MPower-sponsored educational institutions situated in the United States and Canada.


Location USA/ Canada
Institute MPower Sponsored Institutes
Organization MPower Financing
Program MPower Global Citizen Scholarship Program
Award 2000$-10000$
Gender No Preference
Qualifications Masters/ PhD/ Post doctorate
Age no limit
short details

Mpower’s mission extends beyond mere education provision; it serves as a nexus that brings together individuals hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds, speaking various languages, and boasting multifaceted heritages. This confluence of cultures and talents occurs under the unified roof of Mpower. Stepping up to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges in realms such as science, technology, business, and public policy, Mpower assumes a pivotal role in addressing these paramount issues.

Aspiring students, brimming with talents and intellectual prowess, who have already taken the step of relocating or enrolling in universities within the United States or Canada, find themselves eligible for the coveted MPower Global Citizen Awards. With grand prizes ranging from $2000 to $10,000, this accolade recognizes and supports their exceptional pursuits.

The MPower Citizen Scholarship Program welcomes applications from candidates of all nationalities, with the exception of those from Canada and the USA. In the previous year, accomplished scholars from India and Nepal secured this scholarship, facilitating their educational journeys in their chosen fields. MPower bestows a loan upon recipients, a loan that bears no weight in terms of repayment. This non-repayable financial assistance enables candidates to seamlessly continue their academic pursuits with the backing of MPower.

Recognitions: Two distinct categories of awards are set to be bestowed upon deserving candidates:

  1. Grand Prize: $10,000
  2. Honourable Mentions (2): $2,000 each

The victors will receive notification following an 8-week interval post the submission deadline.

Eligibility Criteria: For consideration in the Mpower Global Citizen Scholarship Program for the academic year 2023, candidates must fulfill the ensuing prerequisites:

  1. Prospective awardees must have secured admission or be actively enrolled in a full-time degree program at a U.S. or Canadian educational institution endorsed by MPOWER.
  2. Candidates should hold the status of international students, legally authorized to pursue studies within the U.S. or Canada, based on their respective situations:
    • For those pursuing studies in the U.S., eligibility encompasses one of the subsequent conditions:
      • Possession of a valid visa permitting academic pursuits within the U.S.
      • Beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) protection
      • Holders of U.S. permanent residency (Green Card holders)
    • Those embarking on studies in Canada must meet one of these criteria:
      • Hold the status of a Canadian permanent resident
      • Possess a valid Canadian study permit
      • Citizens of Canada and the USA are excluded from the eligibility

Application Deadline: The final day for submitting applications for the MPower Citizen Awards is October 31st, 2023.

Application Process: Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications through the online platform:

  1. Ensure all necessary documents are prepared, with the passport being of utmost importance to expedite the application process.
  2. The application process is designed to be completed in a mere 20-minute timeframe.
  3. Candidates can also avail themselves of the opportunity to apply for a non-repayable loan from Mpower Citizen.

Criteria for Fund Disbursement:

Upon the selection of awardees by MPOWER, the eligibility of said winners will undergo verification by MPOWER. Once this verification process is successfully completed, all winners will receive a Release document. After MPOWER receives the executed Release from a winner, the allocated funds will be directly disbursed to the respective winner’s college/university. This disbursement will be carried out in accordance with the requisites of any pertinent U.S. or Canadian legislation. In situations where a winner’s verification cannot be achieved, or if the winner declines or is unable to execute the Release, their eligibility for the scholarship will be revoked. Subsequently, MPOWER will proceed to select an alternative winner.

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