Oxford Clarendon Fully Funded Scholarship Program 2024

Are you ready to embark on an incredible academic journey? Brace yourself for an extraordinary opportunity! The renowned University of Oxford, through its esteemed Clarendon Scholarship Program, is offering fully funded awards to exceptional international candidates. Get ready to take a leap forward in your educational pursuit, whether it’s a Master’s, Post-doctorate, or Ph.D. program. This prestigious program welcomes applicants from all nationalities, extending its arms to those who meet the criteria, granting them the remarkable Clarendon Fully Funded Scholarship Program at the University of Oxford.

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Clarendon, nestled within the prestigious walls of Oxford University, doesn’t just provide over 200 fully-funded scholarships each year to nurture outstanding graduate scholars. It offers you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become part of an incredibly vibrant, internationally diverse, and multidisciplinary community at Oxford. With Clarendon, your educational journey isn’t just financially secure; it becomes a gateway to expand your network, forming invaluable connections. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime, tailor-made for hardworking and dedicated students aspiring to pursue their Master’s, Ph.D., or post-doctorate degrees at one of the world’s most revered universities.



Location UK
institute University of Oxford
Program Claredon Scholarship Program
Coverage Fully funded
Qualifications Graduates
Eligible countries Global
Age No preference

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship Program, candidates must meet the following criteria:

Applicants can hail from any corner of the globe, transcending borders and nationalities.
Those with an exceptional academic career can proudly step forward, knowing they have met the requirements.
Candidates are free to apply for any field offered at the University of Oxford, exploring their passions and expanding their knowledge.
Before setting sail on this incredible journey, securing admission in their field of choice is the first milestone to reach.
If selected for admission, candidates become eligible for the esteemed Clarendon Scholarship Program, propelling them further toward their dreams.
Clarendon Scholarship Program, known for its competitiveness, rewards candidates with outstanding academic records, highlighting the importance of a strong foundation.
These scholarships are designed for Master’s, Ph.D., or doctorate degree programs at Oxford.

Financial Benefits:

The following exceptional benefits await successful candidates:

Clarendon showers recipients with fully funded scholarships that cover course fees, ensuring a worry-free educational experience.
Living expenses grants are also available, supporting scholars throughout their fee liability period, easing the burden of everyday life.
Opportunities to attend conferences and seminars await, enriching their academic journey and fostering growth.
Candidates will become esteemed members of the Clarendon Association, an invaluable network of like-minded individuals.
Selected individuals gain membership in the Clarendon Scholar’s Council, a gateway to an extensive network of professionals, providing unparalleled networking opportunities.
Not only will candidates learn from distinguished professors, but they will also earn qualifications recognized worldwide.

Eligible Fields:

The Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship Program extends its reach to the following captivating fields:

Mathematics, unlocking the secrets of numbers and equations.
Life Sciences, delving into the mysteries of living organisms.
Physics, unraveling the wonders of the universe.
Education shapes the future of knowledge.
Social Sciences, exploring the complexities of society.
Humanities, delving into the depths of human culture and expression.


Make a note of these crucial dates for the Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship Program: the end of December and January.

Required Documents:

To embark on this thrilling journey, prepare the following documents for the Oxford Clarendon Scholarship Program:

A detailed CV, showcasing your accomplishments and aspirations.
A compelling Motivation Letter, expressing your drive and passion.
A copy of your passport, an essential travel companion.

well-crafted Research Proposal, demonstrating your innovative thinking.
Recommendation Letters, attesting to your academic excellence and potential.
Proof of admission at Oxford University, securing your place in this prestigious institution.

How to Apply:

Ready to seize this life-changing opportunity? Follow these instructions to apply for the Clarendon Scholarship Program:

Start by applying for the graduate program at Oxford University, taking the first step toward your dream.
Submit your application for admission, eagerly awaiting the outcome.
If you meet the eligibility criteria, rejoice! You will automatically be considered for the esteemed scholarship program.
Complete the submission of all required documents online, ensuring a smooth application process.
Now, patiently await a response from the administration of Oxford, as they review your remarkable potential.


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